Peter (xoder) wrote,

**BAD** Petor!

Sorry about not updating in awhile, as a matter of fact, I don't really know when I last updated.

That would be friday.

On that friday, I cut my foot on my brick doorstop. THAT HURT!! No fun! Its still not healed. It was a rather big cut. It makes it annoying to walk.

Lets seee.... Saturday... took the train home with Jenn (ladyravn), and all that jazz. I was a good boy. So there!

So I get home, and the computer goes on the fritz first thing, and we all forgot the key you use to boot into safe mode to do a system restore. NOT GOOD. Took us untill sunday morning to figure it out.

Anyways, then on sunday I went out with a whole bunch of Sciffie people. We went to Lord of the Rings. Good movie. I also heard about Matt's New Year's party, which I'd like to go to. I just got the specifics from him... He says to leave the next day, but I don't think I want to do that because of his dog.

Otherwise, its just me being home with the stresses of the holidays...


And merry christmas to all of those who care
And happy other solstice-based holidays to those who I missed on that time around (petor=dumb)


P.S. Does this make up for the long time that I didn't update for? I feel bad when I don't update... like I'm wasting my subscription... which I am when I don't post I supppose.....
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