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Dreamlog: The house with varying doors.

I was at home, sleeping in my bed in Chris' room, and I woke up, rolled over and saw an X-files book that talked about the house with doors that always lead somewhere different.

But I was still tired, so I went back to sleep. Then I immediately began to dream. I was at home with "my family." Not my real family, more like a TV family, mom out somewhere, dad out at work, little sister. Very TV. We're in some suburbs and we have a two story oldish house. I have this sensation of a bad guy having way too much fun, and all the doors in the house close. There are now little signs with pieces of velcro keeping them on the wall. The signs tell me where the doors are opening. For a while I experiment with this, popping in and out all over the house, but I stop when I feel that the bad guy wants us to do this. One of the doors goes into someone else's house, where I talk with this kid for a while.

I realize my sister is in trouble because of this whole messed-up door thing, and I almost hear the bad guy laugh. I start running through the house, taking down the signs as I go through doors, so I can make any door go where I want it to go. But the guy is laughing. I haven't seen her since very early in my experimentations. I don't know where she is, and I don't know how to get out of the house.
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