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So jenn got in late last night. Fun stuff. I had to finish my paper when she was here Not fun stuff. I didn't finish till around 3am. Then I had trouble getting to sleep (no, not because of that). I really have to work on this whole sleeping thing.

FYE was boring as usual. So, as usual, I did my FYE homework in FYE. Then I went to calc. Test. If I get over 75 on it, I'll be orgasmic. Physics was helpful, and I should be able to do the remainder fo the problems, and he moved the due date further back and added more submissions! He's a bloody push-over. Not complaining, of course... I think physics is about finding the right method, not about being told you have the wrong answer.

Yah.. Jenn's napping. I want to, but I have to write for Reporter, and do laundry, and pack, and clean up. I got a lot o'shit to do.

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