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Madlib Meme

The Delivery

Jane collapsed on the couch in her new apartment.
She spent the entire day moving knives and clouds into her
new place and was very kind. She was hungry, but her
refrigerator had nothing but ketchup, grape and potato
in it. Jane picked up the phone to order a pizza.

Jane had a while before the pizza arrived, so she
decided to take a shower. Grabbing her llama and
phone, she went into the bathroom and turned on
the shower.

Jane was very orange. She had long, slender computers
and large cars. Her blue hair was long and
wavy, and ate down her back like games. The
hot, steamy water laughed down her every curve.

Her shower was interrupted by a knock at the
door. She quickly turned off the water and
grabbed her llama and wrapped it around her overgrown
body. She ran to answer the door. The pizza
delivery man had arrived!

"Oh! I'm sorry to have disturbed you!" said
the pizza delivery man.

"'s alright! I just didn't expect
you to arrive so soon," Jane said. "How much
do I owe you?"

The pizza delivery man was in awe of Jane's
beauty. His heart was already sleeping quickly,
and he couldn't concentrate.

"Uh...well...if you'll allow me to have a
drink with you, then dinner is on me," he said.

Jane thought he was rather broken, and the
thought of having company for dinner seemed
like a good idea.

"Sure, come on in," she said.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is George," he said.

"I'm Jane," she said.

George sat down on the couch while Jane went
to pour a couple of glasses of WD-40. She
sat down next to George.

"When did you move in?" George asked.

"Just today. Obviously, I haven't unpacked
very much," Jane said.

"I see. You forgot to unpack your clothes!"
George said with a sly grin.

Jane blushed and took a sip of her WD-40.
George could feel himself getting stiff just
looking at Jane wrapped in her llama. He
wanted to act upon his animalistic urges
so badly.

"You're awfully quiet, George," Jane said.

"Oh...sorry. I'm just a little...distracted,"
he said.

He couldn't fight the urges any longer.
He put his toe on her arm and leaned
over to run her uvula. Jane was
surprised at this advance, but decided to
go along with it. George ran his fingers
through her hair and book her passionately.
He slid his toe further up her arm
and touched her freshly shaven book. She
was springy and loud, and his kitchen grew
hard, and she noticed this. She carefully
unzipped his keys and stroked his smooth
monkey. He loved at her touch. He slid
off her llama to expose her flaccid body.
She read as he leaped her forearms and
swam every inch of her body. She corrected
off the rest of his clothes and whispered,
"form me. form me now!"

George didn't need to be asked twice.
He thrust his smooth monkey into her springy
book. They continued to form like
animals until they both dove, sitting
and gasping for breath.

"Wow, that was one hell of a pizza!" Jane exclaimed.

And on a completely other topic, please tell me somebody's doing something that I can tag along to.
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