Peter (xoder) wrote,

WOW!! I found the subject line!! Thanx codepoet!!!

WASSUP everyone?

Sorry for the stupidity, I'll get back to writing these literary masterpieces that I know you all think about when you vomit into the toilet.

Now that I have that lovely image into your heads, lets get on with the entry.


Boring day again. I got up for 8 o'clock class. Went to 8 o'clock class. Came back from 8 o'clock class. Played Red Faction with Bill (roomie) for about an hour, before Bob (from down the hall) got into it. Then it was just him mashing on the two of us. Unfortunately, I played untill 12:25. Normally, this isn't a problem, but I had Chem class that started at 12. It was too late to even try to get to class. We just had an exam, so I have plenty of time to catch up.
In theory, anyways.

Ah, and fun stuff. I went to the bursar today because I got an eMail that said that I hadn't waived RIT medical insurance, when in fact, I had [I've got coverage from the parents]. Also, I went there to redeem the credit on my account from my scholarship. You see, my parents prepaid all five years, so now with the scholarship I'm getting, I get money back. Very cool.

I'm expecting a package from the parents with mail and stuff, but, its too early yet for it to even think about coming. This is starting to annoy me. I WANT MY PACKAGE!!!

Anyways. Isn't it scary that this thursday is the fifth week of our ten week quarter. Scary. I don't feel dumb enough to be a college student. You know how in all the TV and movies, college students are dumb (like Undeclared or Animal House). Well I don't feel that drunk, dumb, and I certainly am not having enough sex to be in college. Its all a dream.

talk to y'all later,

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