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Well, I already knew that I was rather depressive...
So, [poka]Heather comes in last night and tells me I shouldn't be depressed, that I have no reason to be. Do truly clinically depressive people need a reason? Then I shouldn't either.

But enough about that.

Sorry about all the personality tests lately. I guess I got somewhat back into the habit of taking them and posting them without thinking. I'm highly disturbed that this computer program thinks that I'm the MS Office paperclip, but strangely flattered that another one thinks I'm Arthur Dent.
Yeah, I know these online personality tests are all rather stupid, but I got hooked by the Armory's Purity Tests, some of the best out there (MUCH better than's).

Warning: Tangent jump in progress . . .

So I got my confirmation for my room at the Rye Town Hilton for Lunacon 2002. Very happy this is! I can't wait for March now!

Next tangent...

I love having computers in my calc class!!!

Okay, back to not paying attention by doing something other than writing in my dear LJ.

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