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So I was feeling... antsy, and I wanted to know when I'd be able to go buy food. So I strap on the 'blades and went to the places where bus schedules are to be found, and no luck was had by me. This was after, of course, checking the RTS schedule page for RIT several times and swearing that what I was looking for was not there (I found it at some point... Δt=1.5hrs).

I've been sleepy all day, and moderately cranky as well. While skating I wanted to fall just to justify the feelings inside. That's a bad sign if I ever heard one.

The currently playing music is one of the most lustful/romantic songs I've ever heard. Goddamn does Sarah McLaughlan have a beautiful voice.

The above capital delta appears as a box to me... I need to re-add my ridiculous number of TrueType fonts.

Take care kiddos


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