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So, since I've been cryptic, commence the explicitness.

This week has been quite good.

I got to hang out with stoneliongrowl, twice even (Thurs., Fri.).

I got a NES Edition GBA SP, as well as Sonic Advance 3 and Namco Museum. I hope they re-release the old Sonics on the GBA as well, since they're already on GCN. (Fri.)

Someone from the forums decided that I should eat with them on Saturday (China Buffet). Where it was revealed that much food is good food.

Self-same person then suggested we (all of us who went to China Buffet, myself, herself, her b/f, and assorted other guy) go to Vertex (I presume the link is good, I don't have Flash) – the only goth club in Rochester. Those in the know, know that I'm not into clubbing per se but it looked like it would be a good time, and so it was. And they played Depeche Mode, so everything's gonna be okay =).

And now it's Homework Time™

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