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Time to play catch up everyone!

So... where to start?

Friday it snowed. I also saw Not Another Teen Movie. Think Scary Movie, but less drugs and more gross-out comedy.

Saturday, Bill, Heather, Shaun and I went to see the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Very neat! They played Gerswin's American in Paris, Barber's Adagio for Strings, Allen Shawn's Piano Concerto (it was the Rochester Premiere of that piece), and Dvorak's Symphony #9, aka, From the New World. It was really nice! I gotta do stuff like that more often.

For those who care, the poll had no right answer. They both have the same legal penalties now, because they are acts of terror, according to the USA PATRIOT act. I believe only one senator even read it. Why do I believe that? Because the record in the senate states: Yeas 98, Nays 1. Sixty-six representatives read the bill: Yeas 357 , Nays 66. I hope that those numbers are exact. If representatives read it, and still passed it, then we need to have the ability to hold a vote of no-confidence against them.

Other news:

Tickle fights!! Heather, Bill and myself have been having tickle fights. Why? I don't have an effin clue!

Methinks I've over delayed. I've got a bunch of stuff due tomorrow........

Ah well... good luck to me!


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