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Hello all.
Yes I know I haven't written in awhile.
Yes, I know that, "my life is boring" is not a good excuse.
Yes, neither is, "I had homework."

But I AM boring, and I DID have a bunch of homework!
Lets see, anything remarkable? I didn't have Calc III today, even tho it was scheduled, because the prof had a speaking engagement. I had a Chem exam. Not too hard. I was almost late to EE seminar because of RED FACTION.
SPEAKING OF WHICH: Red Faction is a cool game! I'm very happy to have it. Even though I suck at deathmatches... but its OK! Because, untill last round, I was getting better!
I found a really good shoutcast station: Specifically, their alternative station. Tasty waste of resources!
But back to Red Faction.... We've been playing games as a hall. Lots of fun! Although, it doesn't make me suck less. Bill's out at class, so I'm all alone in here. Shoutcast is keeping me good company, tho.

Thats pretty much it. Talk to you later.

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