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If you see a subject line, you might be our big winner

So, as per usual, I'm down.

I think I know a lot of why, this time, too.
You see, I'm incompetent. I can't even maintain the most simple of friendly relationships without hurting people.
Perhaps I can minimize the damage to others by forgoing leaving my room. But I have to go to class. And I like being with people. But I don't want to fuck things up worse...

Anyways, to clarify things and to re-posit things that I found agreeable that were not technically part of my journal, but instead comments to it, I shall write these things:

  • Yes, Brittany (b55b55), you are right on target. I want someone who is initially attracted to me physically, with more to follow.
  • Ed (codepoet), the reason I postponed trying for romantic relationships to spring quarter, is that I fucked up a lot of things this quarter by jumping the gun. So I'm practicing patience for when I will need it.

For those of you without a clue, those posts were probably made within the past week.

Otherwise, lets see....
Class Summary
Intro to DS was review as usual. Calc IV had a quiz. One that I did well on, for a change. Though I used physics vector notation (with the "hats") rather than Cartesian vector notation for most of my work. I always converted back though, so there! Physics was fun. I got to spin!!

And quote of the day:
"Bah!" -- Me
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