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I was in a lockerroom, with Howard, and a whole bunch of other TKD people (although I didn't recognize any of them except as TKD people), and we were getting ready for a shower. Somehow I knew it was Lehman, and we were all in the men's locker room (even though it didn't look at all like Lehman), and we were a mixed sex group. I had exchanged glances with a particular girl (kinda short, nice face, didn't recognize her), but I dismissed it as a nothing. We (as a big group) were completely saturating the men's locker room, so when she asked me (with an interesting look in her face) to join her in the on the ladies' side, I tried to play it off as just wanting to get out of the crowd (although I noticed that none of the showers had any kind of curtains in the men's showers).

On the women's side, there were a bunch of people as well (many young boys, as well... clearly the gender separation had been thrown out of the window as a result of the overcrowding caused by who knows what), and we went into the handicapped stall which had some kind of partition.  For whatever reason it was over waist-deep in water (in some places, ramp with sudden drop-off) which was okay, I got in and slid to the deep-end, and suddenly she slid over and kissed me.

Then one of the old ladies I recognized from the Beach Club came in, and I had to let her in, because she was so old, so we rushed out (much to the girl's dissapointment). I suddenly turned around because I had forgotten my stuff, so I dived in, and grabbed a half-dozen goggles and left.


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