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So as I said, there will be an update. Since I've last posted I've purchased:
  • 1 256MB USB Flash Drive
  • a new digital camera
But yeah, other than that? I've been working a lot. On Tuesday, my boss was out with cold, and I filled 4 POs. It was a nice and busy day, and made me feel not so bad about fucking around on Wikipedia and many other sites during work, since that one day was worth several others.

Today I met Laura for lunch. It was nice to see her again. My boss kept insisting I was going on a date, because I didn't feel like explaining to her the whole deal with me and her. Or me and girls in general. My relationships with girls fall into these (ascending) categories:
  1. Friend — Should be self-explanitory. Completely platonic. e.g. comadrug235, thepiccolopixie
  2. Person I've messed around with — Should also be self explanitory, but due to social reasons, I will not list any of them here. This category can include anything from groping with intent to full-on penetration.
  3. Person I've had a relationship with — e.g. ladyravn, angisageek
Anyways, I should go to bed, right?

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