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Guess who's a silly little geek?

That would be me.

So today I went to the EE dept. office to get my ID card coded to open the EE PC lab. Then I went to the lab, and that door which previously presented me with annoyance, presented me with a friendly click as the lock undid itself to my pleasure. Then I got to program in Matlab. Fun.
I also have access to the north entrance to the engineering building and some other door I forgot about.

I also got to do some physics lab. Quite boring in and of itself, but infinitely better than sitting and listening to a lecture that I wish I could fast-forward.

Viking was cool. We got to talk about how Thor and Loki cross-dressed to get Thor's hammer back in The Lay of Thyrm. Thyrm was a giant who stole and buried Thor's hammer, Mjollnir. He claimed he'd only return it if he could have the goddess of fertility (and quite a slut) Freyja for a wife. She refused to go, so Thor and Loki went to get it. When the hammer was used in the marriage ceremony, Thor (dressed as Freyja) stole it and ran back to Asgard.

Dunno what else to write.

Gave TKD class today. May be getting a new student soon...... YAY!

I've gotten addicted to trance shoutcast lately. Dunno why. Dunmatta why. Its music.

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