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Why I've been so bad about posting

For some reason--which fails to explain itself--my room has become incredibly popular. Now, instead of me going out to others' rooms, and coming back here from time to time to post, people start coming into my room around 11:30, and fail to leave before 3:15 in the morning. It has really effed up my LJ schedule. Not that I'm complaining, of course! Its been great having [nonpoka]Heather, Brittany (b55b55), Joe and sometimes Ed (codepoet), [poka]Heather or Mark in the room.
Last night in particular was funny. I was tired and wanted to sleep, Bill was practically asleep, and Brittany was asleep in my bed. So I shut off all the lights but my Christmas lights. For those of you who don't know, I have red and blue garland lights attached to my bed, and they cast a magenta light over the room. Joe said, "Its lit like a porno!!!" It was hilarious, and woke up Brittany, just before I climbed into bed with her. Matt, if you're reading this, no, nothing happened, so don't worry. Brittany -- you know I'm just playing around.

Other than that.

I 'm going to dinner
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