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Why do I always feel so uncomfortable when I get complimented? It has much to do with how much I de

So anyways.

Somehow I have off work tomorrow.  I would ask to go about with people, but I have things to do, like sleep, and buy shoes.

Nyfb, pbhyq fbzrbar cyrnfr rkcynva gb zr jul gjryir-lrne-byq tveyf frrz gb svaq zr nggenpgvir?

You know what really annoys me?  Coming to LJ with so much to say, and then it all vaporizes.
Oh, except that I am a shitty editor.  faboo is a saint for not kicking my ass about my supposed "editor" position.

"something's messed up with my everything"
- Dan Bern, "I Need You"

Good night.
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