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God said Time/Time belongs to me/Time's my secret weapon/My final advantage - Dan Bern,"God Said No"

Quickie update before going to bed "early":

Got the screen on Wednesday after day at work from hell. Work was bad because there was a proposal I had to copy edit. I did, but my revisions weren't taken into account before the proposal was sent off to the client.  They were taken into account when we printed it (we did the printing, rather than the French office, so shipping would be saner).

Managed to successfully install the screen and found that the problem is not the screen (the sold as-is screen). I believe its the inverter now. I tried to use my brand new digital multimeter to read the inverter's output, and it was inconclusive, because I have no idea what it was supposed to be.

Bought two Dan Bern CDs from Virgin the other day.  I thought that Messenger Records was not Aligned With Evil. I was wrong, but I will find a way to cope.

I really like deepestsender as a client.  Works inside of Moz, and the WYSIWYG part is Gecko, so, while What You See Is What You Get, it Isn't All You Have, because you can edit the source directly, and get the rendering.  It is pretty.


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