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Affirmation Project Again

I believe that these posts tend to get me the most feedback.

I believe that my mother thinks less of me because I get Maxim and Stuff. Regardless of the fact that I got a two-year free subscription, just for asking for it.

I believe that loving someone does not mean you shouldn't take care of yourself. If you "love" someone to the point that you "would die for them" you are in a very dangerous psychic place. Near the addicts and the fanatics.

I believe the Republican party has lost its touch with individual-rights and small-government roots and have become beholden to the Religious Right. Our government should remember that its bosses don't like being watched. We don't like being told what is "right" or "wrong."

I believe any two human beings who wish to commit their lives together should have the right to have such a relationship recognized by the State and called "marriage."

I believe I wanted to write more here than I did.
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