Peter (xoder) wrote,

Heinlein's 21 Things A Human Should Be Able To Do

Change a diaper - Haven't done, but should be able to do
Plan an invasion - Ask anyone how my Risk skills are and they will tell you that I suck worse than a black hole
Butcher a hog - Never have, and somehow I doubt I ever will. Involves a lot of blood-draining right?
Conn a ship - I have driven my share of boats (including sailboats).
Design a building - Never have done. I know what "bad" design looks like.
Write a sonnet - Never have. I've written other poetry, though.
Balance accounts - Handled GDT's and my own finances simultaneously. Without going mad, even.
Build a wall - Never had to.
Set a bone - Never had to. Should be able to.
Comfort the dying - We're all dying. Every breath you take is one fewer breath you have to take.
Take orders - Yessir
Give orders - Apparently I've gotten a lot better at this recently.
Cooperate - Yep.
Act Alone - Getting better at it (so sez da' bosslady)
Solve equations - Whaddya think I've been doing at school?
Analyze a new problem - Every day presents a new problem.
Pitch manure - Never have. Hope I won't have to, but I could do it.
Program a computer - Learning more and more every day
Cook a tasty meal - Never got any complaints.
Fight efficiently - I've been trained, but never proven.
Die galliantly - I probably will die a slow, medicated death, like most Americans. That frightens me.
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