Peter (xoder) wrote,

Phone Post:

682K 3:23
“Uh, hi everybody, uh, this is Peter and I'm trying out this uh phone
post message. Seems pretty neat.

Um, I don't know. I'm a little nevous about tomorrow to tell you the
truth. I've never done anything like this kind of work before but I
think I can handle it. But, who knows? Uh,um, I'm definately going to
be able uh, I'm really happy that I'm going to be able to make it to
um the
little skippy Thanksgiving get together thing. Which should be a whole
lot of fun. Um, I don't know what else. Kind of excited uh to be
starting working really. Don't have much to say about that.

Earlier, I was helping out Chris with his uh, with his Calculus
homework. Heh, Kind of funny, little flash back back to related rates
problems. An you know, nice simple, simple problems not like the uh
evil differential equations contour integrals over a complex plane
crap. Nice, easy stuff. I like that.

Um, I'm sure that I, I, you know,I'm not sure I'm even going to download
this once I'm done with it. Because I'm just, I idon't like the sound
of my own voice to be quite frank on that. I sure most of you doubt
that by the amount I talk but, but I don't. I don't like the way it
sounds when it's recorded, I sound kinda stupid I don't like to think
of myself as stupid. A little. Well, I am, but so is everyone else so
it's fair.

I uh, turned on the transcriptions for everybody to do. I'm not really
sure what that means. Um, so it will, you know, be painfully obvious
once i post it and I'll feel really stupid about musing about it right
now. As I said I'm really excited about all that. Um maybe we'll be
able to find some neat technique. Uh, I can see some really neat things
coming out of this phone post thing. Um well see what happens.
Uh, I'll talk, well, that's just about it.
I mean uh, called my grandpa today I'm going to be able to see him
when I go to Thanksgiving with my family back up in uh in North Andover
at my aunt's house. Which is always a lot of fun especially because I
get to see like my grandpa and my aunt Kathy and my cousins andy and angela and
their significant others with is always a joy. Uh oh, get to see Noel
which is Andy's kid. Should be nice.


So far I'm not yet missing rit although I must admit I am missing
some of the people. You know like the people who are at home and not
online. or some other thing.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ed and his family for
driving me to the airport yesterday. Yesterday? Oh, yeah, guess it was
yesterday. I really appreciate that.

That's about it.

See ya.”

Transcribed by: zsparke
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