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Don't be a stranger, y'hear?

So I've been away a lot. Things have been busy, but somehow less busy than I thought they would be. I've been getting sleepy early. So I've been going to bed earlier.

I've started participating in the Foresight Exchange (click the button to see how I'm doing, rather poorly at the moment). I've not only bought some claims, but I've placed sell orders for them as well. Mainly, I'm waiting for the upcoming Monday, so I can get 50 more dollars, and try to start a claim of my own. But I'm not really too sure what that might be yet, although I've had a few ideas.

Right now I'm simulating something. It is taking awhile, but this is okay. Gives me more time to write in my dear, neglected LiveJournal. Just deleted one of the circuits in the lab so as to try to get the damn thing to simulate faster.

I have class at noon, which is such a bitch, because there's simulations to do.

I've been going a little bit crazy, but still have enough time for the important things. Like watching Equilibrium. I've also been getting a bit antsy, and I think I know why, but solutions are hard to come by.

I realize that of late my journal's been a bit down, and I'm sorry if I caused anyone any worry. Wow, that is such an egotistical thing to say.

I had an interview with Cannon Design on Tuesday. faboo is too kind for continuing to cart my sorry ass all over Western NY.

One more issue of GDT this quarter. Submit!

And off to class I run like a little monkey!

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