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And I still need to vote soon

I forgot to write the horrible bits.

I seem to have lost my Digital Electronics notebook. That's eight weeks of no-one's-hurt-but-me work gone down the fucking drain. And I can't seem to get the fucking simulation to work. Emailed the TA to tell him that I'm completely lost, and he said he'll help me with it. So at least one good thing.

As usual, I lost horribly at Risk. And while I know it means nothing, it just really reinforces my belief that I'm just not well suited to games of tactics (especially because James and codepoet had to explain why each and every move I made was wrong) and thusly am just not well suited to anything in this world.
Tactics, you see, are what people use to get things done. Those without tactics are called "suckers", "losers", "dimwits", and worse.

And I got a little less than six hours of sleep last night. That was at least an hour more than what I got the previous two nights combined.

And let's not forget that everything I do is of the most horrible quality and quantity. And I made a huge fool of myself at the Reporter meeting in my sleep-addled stupor.

And it's Halloween, and everyone's either had their fun for tonight, or are about to.

I'm gonna close this out, try to sign up for my road test back in Brooklyn, so I can at least drive myself places, so I don't have to keep begging faboo and company for rides. Of course, I'm sure I've delayed too long, but I needed for my time on break to come up. And I'm sure it's too late. So why even do it?

Why do anything?

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