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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
and lets not forget I should also do my digiElect hw 
23rd-Oct-2003 04:30 am
so I know this will sound like a bloody elementary problem, but I'm but a foolish EE pretending to do programming

C++ problem

in the member function file, it cannot find the constructor in the class. it can find the copy constructor, and the default constructor (the one with nothing passed to it), but not the constructor that has the three members going for it... weird shit.

this makes no sense (entry or problem, take your pick)

---EDIT 5:36a---
faboo helped me with that (didn't do initialization "sanely")
then I ran into a segfault which I found was due to me assuming too much (of myself or of the compiler, I'll never be sure)

Good news: Done with c++ hw. Bad news: alarm goes off in 2 hours and I still have DigiElec hw to do
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