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I picked [stolen from comadrug235, thanks!]

Instructions: Answer only in song titles from one certain band/artist(different from the person you got it from)

1. Are you male or female? The Wrong Man Was Convicted

2. Describe yourself: Too little too late

3. How do some people feel about you? You will be waiting

4. How do you feel about yourself? Told you so

5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: A

6. Where would you rather be? Hello City

7. Describe what you want to be: The King of Bedside Manor

8. Describe how you feel about your family: Blame it on me

9. Describe how you live: It's only me (the wizard of Magicland)

10. Describe how you love: Wrap your arms around me

11. Share a few words of wisdom: It's all been done
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