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Wherein the Author is a Moron

So I thought I was being all smart and saving my parents some money by flying JetBlue.

Problem is, that since this year classes started on Monday, rather than Thursday, I had planned for Thanksgiving to happen immediately after I got home (although I should have known better, due to the fact that my departing ticket was slated for Saturday), rather than immediately before I have to return to school. I didn't notice until after I finished the purchase that my ticket is slated for that Saturday morning. Thanksgiving in my family involves going up to N. Andover on Thursday and returning home Saturday Evening. Everyone sees the problem here, right?

So, now the $6 I saved by using JetBlue will go to waste quite nicely, one way or the other. Gods am I so dumb!

I swear, I'm cursed. Everytime I use JetBlue, I fuck it up.

There are a few possible solutions, and only one of them is free of charge, and is no fun for anyone involved, because it involves a bunch of late-night driving. Really, I'm so fucked up.

And I guess I'll pick up a Withdrawl form for Linear II. If he says that I'll have to struggle for a C, then I have to go and try again some other time.

So, we learned today that Peter is stupid.

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