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I wanna eat the world, I want to swollow it whole

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So far this week I have been way too lazy. Workin on that, really.

We got a wireless keyboard and mouse for the TV-puter. For $10. Not bad for new, right? ;-)

Just printed up 10 résumés for tomorrow. Should be... nerve-wracking.

At least I have it all planned out: Wake up at 10:30, get dressed and eat two meals in some semblance of order, head over to Clark at 12:30, be there when the doors open at 1. Leave a little before 4 for Shakespeare class. Go to folding.
All the while I will have my laptop with me, most especially for the use at folding, but also because it's my most professional-looking bag.

C++ quiz comin' up soon. Hopefully I will not be doomed. Good news: it's being proctored by someone else, so I'll be getting out early.

I have a pain behind my right shoulder blade. I really need to stop twisting to use my laptop. It is horrifically bad for me.

Today there will be practice, and on the way back home from it, I will hand in the Players' invoice, and [hopefully] they will hand me a nice fat check.

I really need to have some nicely crazy fun. The more depraved, yet harmless (and non-psychoactive) the better. Any suggestions?

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