Peter (xoder) wrote,

Land of the Terror, Home of the Debt

I have a fear that this nation will soon fail to be the land of the free.

The unaccountable electronic voting machines will have the vote, and the men who control them.

Then we will find ourselves disinfranchised and we will not even know it because computers can't be wrong, right?

Then no one will notice as credit card contracts change to include a certain hard limit, past which you must pay them back by becoming the Corporation's chattel slave. By this time our oil reserves will have gone so low that the worst of the debters will be processed into biodesiel for our cars. The cars that we don't own, playing music we license that is chosen for us because it is popular.

No one will notice because no one will be free to speak. Because people who speak against the status quo are destabilizing. Destabilization is what Terrorists do. And we aren't terrorists.

The particularly sinister thing about the debt is that we will be encouraged to spend. "Spend for Mother Economy," and "Capitalism Loves You." Economics professors will spout out garbage that personal debt is good and useful and that what really matters -- and how individuals prosper -- is through spending, not saving or entrepeneurship. After all, only the Megacorps have any right to buy or sell things.

The right of first sale will be gone.

1% of the people controlling 99% of the wealth will be an optimistic statement.


I know it all sounded like a socialist rant, but really, its an article stub, don't mind me, I'm just setting it down here. I have a feeling I'll be needing it this weekend.

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