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I'm going nowhere / This is the good ship lifestyle

lap position

You Should Try the Lap Dance!

Cozy, touchy - and incredibly intense.

The guy sits on a comfortable chair or softa.

The girl stradles the guy, facing him.

The girl controls the pace - moving up and down.

The girl can support herself with her knees on the sofa.

She can also put her arms around the guy's neck.

For variation, the girl can face the other way.

This makes penetration even deeper!

What Sex Position Should You Try?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

ICANN does the right thing. We shall see tomorrow if it works.

And in other news, I have not died yet, but I place no guarantees on surviving the weekend.

And In other other news, I'm still annoyed at things that my body places importance on, such as sex and sleep, that are not obtainable at the current moment.

However, I can feed it ramen.

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