Peter (xoder) wrote,

Yah, so its a BIT after midnight

Tourney was today.
No placing, but thats not unusual. And I had a lot of fun, more usual (and good usual) stuff. Some of the speeches the teachers give to their new black belts are quite touching. Harris made 4th DAN, and (quite the unusual) he gave a speech. It was really touching. He was talking about how he had been away for awhile, but each of us helped him come back. Then when Mike told him he was gonna take his 4th degree test, he said he couldn't do it because his family wasn't here (he said he really felt insecure about his skills), but he realized that his black belt family was there. It nearly brought me to tears.

I guess most of you won't get that. But Harris is the sweetest guy ever. He's so humble, always with something good to say about anyone. And I guess I've felt the kinda kinship with him, and with a lot of other black belts, that he was speaking about.

Yah, that was a bunch of nonsense to a bunch of you, and thats okay. I just wish that you all can find something like that in your lives.

That's it for today

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