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So I'm walking with some girl. She's a friend. We meet up with a woman, who walks with us down a gravel road to a clearing surrounded by houses.

Somehow during the walk I get the feeling that many people have been killed here. A guy and a girl, just like me and my friend. The guy gets stabbed to death, while the girl gets shot by a cop.

I get a little nervous, but I feel that these are just rumors and not to be trusted.

Our "guide" turns around with a maniacal grin and a very large kitchen knife. She says some clichéd horror movie turn like, "and now you die," or something like that. I scream and the two people walking on the street about 30 feet away continue moving unsurprised.

I use a front kick to get her hand in the air. She doesn't drop the knife, but that's okay, because I've punched her in the face. Her face is bloody and she falls onto her belly.

I then wrench the knife from her and stab her in the back several times. She thanks me in some way. There's no blood coming out her back, or on the knife. Each subsequent stab, she moves less and the going is tougher. The knife begins to bend with each thrust, so I start grabbing the blade to try and stab her more times.

A police car shows up.

[End Dream]
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