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Good News/Bad News

Good: I finished my Digital Electronics HW
Bad: I know that I did the first problem wrong (out of two problems)

Good: I finished my C++ project.
Good: We have the RITMRC ad all nice and ready to go for next week.

Bad: I think I'm losing yet more hair

Good: I get to watch My Own Private Idaho later this week.

Bad: We are out of Silk and so I skipped breakfast. I never skip breakfast. I think I will remain hungry for the duration of the day now, no matter what I eat.

Good: Will be picking up payment for Anime Club's ad today.

And now I break out of the list format. So I was thinking... Barenaked Ladies have a new album coming out October 19. Unfortunately their label, Warner Music, is in a terrorist organization, and Fearless Leader instructed me to not support terrorism. So I was thinking, I would just send each of the guys a $5 check as gratitude for their previous work. Include a letter listing my grievances with their label and my continued love of the band, if not their business dealings. Perhaps I will get their newest album when it comes out on the 19th. Without lining the RIAA's coffers.

What say you?

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