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You are Fascist

What: Fascism

Where: At the distant bottom-right of the politcal spectrum

How: Fascism supports total civil opression, particularly for minorities, who were prosecuted. However, it does open up to a free market. It has been attempted and failed in countries including Italy, and socialist version of it called Nazism was tried in Germany.

What political extremity are you?

Welcome to Friday.

Judge: The 12-y.o. was the agressor, so I will convict the rapist but give him no jail time.
Province: WTF?
[note, is paraphrased]
How do you feel about the above?

Retroactive Trademark?

I want to work on my résumé, but it's on radio, which seems to be down. Actually, that whole router seems down. I'm a little worried.

faboo and codepoet are going to Nero this weekend with the ellF. plate_of_felt will be staying. I have more class after this one.

zsparke came over yesterday and there was Naruto watching, as well as Anime Club Going.

And there's a bizarre happening on someone else's journal. I'm not quite sure how to deal with it.

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