Peter (xoder) wrote,

Harry Potter, among other things...

I must hurry-ish. The clock says 12 minutes to tomorrow.

Well, I got back from Jenn's. Things are resoluted, its all good.

I went to TKD today. I know that it sounds like I go there all the time, but not really. Just mondays and wednesdays. But I might go to one of Howard's other classes in Manhattan. There's a new director, unlike the one last year who said that she never wanted to see any more black belts visiting her school. Yeah Ben, I still do Tae Kwon Do with Howard. I got my First-Degree (or 1 DAN) in Dec. 2000. You might want to check out the link above, Pat did the site design for Howard (do you remember Pat?).

I saw Harry Potter. It was good. You want more specifics? Pick up Reporter on Dec. 8, or check the website around then, or email me and bug me really loudly.

I just realized something. Since I'm using the web updater, the time is fixed, unlike the client.

I could take hours working on this one entry, and you'd never know. Lovely image, but I'll be a good boy and put it up before midnight, and even date it to the same.

Anyways, I must be getting back to the real world....


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