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Classes for the day are nearly done. I've been rather sleepy and using a combination of sugar, caffeine and CRT exposure to combat that. Works pretty well until about minute 40 or so of any given class.

Digital Electronics promises to be interesting
Linear Systems II also looks extremely interesting, however, I have had this prof before and things could have gone better then, so I am slightly concerned for now
Advanced Programming for Engineers looks bizarre. So this whole idea of scoping seems to be to allow the programmer enough rope to hang himself twice. But what do I know? I like BASIC. And MATLAB/Octave. Both have global variables only. And I don't trust <iostream> for some reason.

Shakespeare is coming soon. Strange that a class that happens twice a week never has the same room twice in a row. Once in bldg 7 and once in 70. But at least I can say I've had a class in the new CS building.

So other than that, I find my inner dialogs during solitary walking have moved from violence to sex once again. Both annoy me. Why can't I think of nifty things for GDT or Reporter.

The issue got finished last night and then I filled out my absentee ballot. I am a good citizen because I voted on the only issue there was to vote on: County Civil Court Judge. Google did some research for me to help me decide which of the two complete strangers I wanted to have the position.

And some of the chatter on the GDT-List is bizarre.
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