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Day after

<disclamer> This was handwritten at the time listed, and was entered on 11/24 at 2:37p</disclamer>

Today was good, I guess.

Mom, Chris, Nick, Dad, Aunt Kathy, Grandpa and myself went to Glouster (sp?). We saw the memorials there for all the fishermen lost at sea, and their wives (see The Perfect Storm)
Then we went to Essex, and we had a bunch of seafood at Woodmans
When we got back, Andy and Ange were about to head out to Jim's (Andy & Ange's Father and Kathy's Divorcé).
Update: Jim's Basement is flooded, so Andy and Jodi are coming back here to stay.
Frank came over for dinner. It was good stuff, all reheated from last night.

I still can't get over it -- Andy, a father! I can still see him, building his still-intact LegoTown, obsessing over ST:TNG. Its so weird.
I guess it really isn't possible to imagine it before it happens to you, like sex, or marriage, or death.

The cycle of life continues.


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