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So today I helped out Howard at a TKD Birthday Party (with my bros and David Lucido). That is, essentially some basics, a little bit of forms, and some board breaking attempts. The cake for this kid was effing beautiful! It looked like a little kid wearing a green belt trying to break a board supported by a few bricks. No, the picture was not on the cake, the cake was this way. Highly tasty cake if I may say so. The mother of the birthday boy broke a board herself. She also gave all of us kids (not David, she didn't know he was coming) thank you cards printed on beautiful paper and enclosed the subject. Totally unexpected let me tell you.

And then my family took me out to a (early) birthday dinner at a local restaurant. Highly tasty food. And we had cake afterward.

And I should go pack. I dunwanna, but I should.

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