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Shot in the head

So, for some reason ITS deletes RTF files in transit. Well, at least when I send them to my editor (yes, for that other publication). I know I've recieved RTF files without problem. I'm curious to know why they block all RTF files but not all DOC files. Apparently this vulnerability is the cause. However it still makes no sense that they would forward DOC files and not RTF files (especially since the security hole in RTF files is caused by DOC files).

In the short to medium term I will use HTML. In the long term, I am going to contact ITS and tell them that RTF files are less likely to hold virii than DOC files and that it still all comes down to user error.

So if I were to put a sticker on Landslide (my laptop) what should it be?

Oh, and does anyone in NYC want to come to see Andrew Kerr at The Bitter End at 8pm tomorrow (9/4) night? Cost is $7.

Anyways, we'll see.

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