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Thanxgiving in all its oddness

<disclamer> This was handwritten at the time listed, and was entered on 11/24 at 2:18p</disclamer>

Well, this is my LJ replacement. Probably when I get to Jenn's, I'll put it up to the site.
Let me start at the beginning.

We left Bklyn @ 9:30 or so. On the way up we decided not to stop for lunch at McD. So we got here [North Andover] pretty early.
Kathy and Ange were here when we arrived. Andy and Jodi were in the car going to pick up Grandpa, but were stuck in traffic. When they all arrived it was time for cocktail hour.
The adults (Mom, Dad, Aunt Kathy, Andy, Ange, Grandpa, Jodi) had their vices while me and the bros hasd some snacks.
Then we sat down to eat.
Dad wen through the usual formality for Thanksgiving dinner -- brief synopsis of 9-11 (current events), God bless us, and this, an continue to bless us. Then Andy asked to add something.
He said
"And may God bless our [Andy & Jodi's] forthcoming child."


I thought they were engaged. That wasn't quite right. They are[?] getting married, just eventually. Expected date of arrival: April 21ST.

The rest of the conversation was rather mundane, and mostly about 9-11. Mom gave a vivid retelling of what it's like to work there. The smell -- intense. The area is deserted now. There's a fence. Sometimes you can smell the disinfectant that they use (to hide the smell of decaying and burning bodies?). It was so vivid and depressing, it gave us all pause.

Then Frank (Kathy's b/f) showed up. Then everyone but me left for a walk, and I started this entry.

They all came back and we had dessert.

I still can't get over Andy and Jodi. A child! Theirs! So weird to me. I just can't handle it. Andy doesn't seem that much older than me. But he's 25. Twenty-five! Thats seven years.

I guess it all hasn't hit me really yet. It will, I'm sure, in time.


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