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So I was at some kind of golf course. I was walking along and all of a sudden it became like my LJ. Someone had written all about how much they loved their vulva and had had a deep relationship since age 15 with it. I thought it might be inconvenience or orangecream, but I couldn't get to the part of the golf course where their username was. So I got on the ground and started crawling, army style. I saw some people on bikes (Max, Pat and one other) who looked at me funny. Then I saw David Lucido, Tony Marchese and one other guy talking about their band. I got up and walked with them.


BTW, these are all Tae Kwon Do people. It is also strange because this most recent trip Josh Lucido and Dan Marchese were the ones joking about a band (not that they would actually form one, but how funny thiers would be if they did).

And I'm sure none of you care.

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