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25 forever cool
My Inner Age

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So, somehow I finished the cleaning and the packing. Okay, so my bed has stuff on it, and the floor has stuff on it. But that's all in my room, so it's okay, right? All I have to do now is move my toiletries into the other bathroom (which I am waiting for faboo to return to do, so I do not unnecessarily disturb stuff), and I am then done.

So it is conclusive, then: I can perform on a tight time budget.

So, while I'm home, if anyone wants to donate to the GDT fund, (website for the fund to follow...) please do. Make checks out to cash, me, faboo (use his real name), or Hell's Kitchen (although this one would be tricky right now to get money out of, so the others are much preferred).

Brooklyn, here I come! (Again!)
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