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Free the computers from the Post-It oligarchy!

Which lj user are you?
quiz made by bijouriel

Is this accurate?

Things are going okay. Just trying to stay awake. Succeeding quite well. Although I must remind myself not to take medicine with a 20 oz bottle of code red after 7:30pm if I wish to get to bed. Regarding the illness that I haven't been documenting, it seems to be finally done with me, although we shall see, and I should go to bed at a normal hour tonight.

Going to hand in my communications project. If you want to check it out, d/l the zip with the graphs and the m-file that generates them. NOTE, utilizes GNU Octave (yes, there is a Windows Binary), although with only slight borking should work for MATLAB. The graphs are PNG screen captures, so you don't need either program for the pretty pictures. The m-file source will be helpful for determining what each of the figure numbers mean.

Anyways, I should head to class. To hand in my project.

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