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Another Cat Dream

This is a continuation of my cat dream from the night before. Short synopsis of that one: I was traveling with a girl and we had a small litter of black kittens because we had to give them to a friend, but we were stuck at some southern airport so we had to sleep in the airport.

I was woken by two airport dudes yelling at a guy next to me. They were smiling very broadly and over-emphasizing being a gentleman by not looking at the women who were waking up. They were also being rather mean to the slow waking men.

So I wake up and get out of my blue comforter, but I notice that there is a bunch of impossibly small kittens at my feet. I stand up and they are somehow stuck to me. I jump to get them off and shout to my traveling companion to get a box to put them in. While she's doing that one of them thinks it would be nice to bite my ass. So I tense my ass to protect it from damage. He continues to bite it.


I blame a certain doomkitty for my recent cat dreams.

Anyways, on to breakfast, some apartment cleaning, phoning with the parents, a lab report and finally, the completion of my communications project. Its all done save getting the screen caps.

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