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"'Cause all we are is what we're told, and most of that's been lies" - Goo Goo Dolls

Sorry about the long time of no posting.

nightstalker came over and spent time with fabooplate_of_felt and myself. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean. High quality film.

Nice to see you again, Izzy.

Fucking Pspice. Although, at this point, its mostly my fault that it didn't work. Nearly done with all the annoying bits. Hopefully the writeup itself won't take me too much longer.

Other than that.... I fear I may be exerting an unwelcome influence on people very dear to me. Of course, this is just par for the course, I suppose, but I don't mean to be pushy, or interfering, but I think I am. And not necessarily for the better. Perhaps its best that I've been spending a ton of time out of the apartment... get me out of my dear roommates' hair for a bit, so as to minimize my effect on them.
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