Peter (xoder) wrote,


Heyo, I'm home.
Its weird to be home. Its also weird to be using the web updater, but this computer is best served if I load as little of my shit as possible. Of course, I downloaded opera, instead of LJ client, but thats a good tradeoff, yes? I'd like to experiment with it, just in case of loss of Netscape and MSIE back at school.

The plane flew past ground zero and dipped its wing.

I felt so weird, knowing that I was heading over Manhattan, knowing I was heading south, knowing that it would be mere seconds before I flew over ground zero. The cranes are taller than the rest of the buildings there. There's just brown rubble where there used to be the two most beautiful buildings in my world. The two buildings that were taken from me in the most violent way. I just don't know. The skyline lacks focus for me anymore. I looked to the tip of manhattan from the plane before the flyover. It looked so different. The towers were a landmark. A "welcome home." They were there before I was born. Everytime I came home, they were there. After every great thing that happened to me, they were there. After all the tortures I went through in elementary school, I looked to them, and I saw that height is not something to be ridiculed for. It was something I could enjoy, and use.
But they're gone.

And I'm home.

And back to the less-depressive Peter...
Regardless of all that, I am really happy I get to goto BxSci tommorrow. Any BxSci ppl who read this, watch out, 'cause I'm comin' for ya'!!!

The flight was kinda bumpy towards the end... wind conditions in NYC. Cabs are expensive in both NYC and Rochester. But enough bitching.

The family is unchanged. Chris is Chris. Nick is Nick. Mom and Dad are Mom and Dad. This stuff is the way it is, no stopping it.

I'm probably going to be limited in my entries, to around one a day, due to a low-bandwidth condition here at home (56K after OC3 sux).

So thats about the end of this entry
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