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I miss Xcopy. So very, very much.

And I die
When I think of all the people
I have damaged
And I'm tired
I'm so tired
And there's no one else
Except myself to blame
My life's been wasted
Everything is gone
"Wasted" by Stabbing Westward

Eternal Consequences, thats what!!

As I have been listening to Stabbing Westward, it strikes me how very melodramatic most music is. I mean seriously, there is no One Person Who You Cannot Live Without. Humans are remarkably resiliant, as long as they let themselves be. There is always Another Way to do things. I am not (nor is anyone else) the most important person in the universe.

But they do sound pretty. That they have going for them.

And when I get home, CD burning, seeing as how /mnt/shared had less than a gig free (better now that I killed one of my extra knoppixes) and I have some movies that need to go. Oh, and codepoet, I see that there's a new Naruto on my HDD. When you comin' over? Oh, and would you like to play Trinity with faboo, plate_of_felt, and (anyone else who reads this and wants in)? I'm sure I'll have a story concept soon enough ;-).

And although I just went off about Stabbing Westward being all melodramatic, I've gotta say that bit about dying inside when I think about all the people I have damaged rings true. I try to fix the problems I have caused. Hopefully I have done an okay job so far.

Anyways, I gots to go modulate!
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