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A parable

Man picks up a stick, shows it to his companion, and breaks it in half. He asks his companion what he should do with the other half. The companion is non-committal. The man throws it away, on a lark.
He breaks the stick again, and again asks the companion what he should do with the stick. Again the companion does not give a suitable answer. Again the man throws one half away, just because.
The man breaks his stick once more, looks at the two broken pieces, decides that if he didn't want to throw half of it away, he would not have broken it, and tosses the half away.
At this point the stick is too small to break and the man asks his companion what he should do with it.

At this point, I don't really know what comes next. What does this mean? What, if anything, does the companion say at this point? Who is wiser, the man, for his actions, or the companion for his words?
I just felt I had to write this. Sorry.

Although, if someone could answer my questions regarding this, I'd be fascinated to hear them.
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