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So don't you look at me with worried eyes
'Cause I know we gotta try, girl
All I know, all I know is I
Wanna be with you
Eagle Eye Cherry [yes that is his real name], "Worried Eyes"

Had a good time out with faboofamily and plate_of_felt. I find that faboo's main motivation for inviting me out is that he didn't want me staying at home and moping. I'm not real sure how I feel about that.

I may very well have turned into a prick in the past few months/weeks/days/years, and failed to notice. Regardless of what y'all think, you must admit that since the gross majority of you are my friends, you're much more willing to forgive me my bad moments. I require thought upon this idea.

I also need to sleep, write up my résumé, copy Simone's article for GDT, my labwork, find out if/when ed's coming out.

I wanted to write something about this, our Nation's birthday. I wanted to write something about how I see this nation as a bunch of untapped potential. The potential for freedom of thought -- squandered by the unthinking, violent masses. The potential for freedom of religion -- crushed by a government in search of enemies. The potential for love and compassion -- turned to bombs of hate. The potential for justice -- molded into a witch-hunt which span(s?) oceans, turned into a War With No End, and the kicker is, we still haven't rooted out the Killer [oh yes, the leading theory is that he's dead, but sans-corpus, our Magnificent Leaders can just bring him out again and again for crisis or justification of the abridgement of rights].

How does the line go? "When they abolished the second amendment, I didn't complain because I didn't have a gun. When they abolished the fifth, I didn't complain because I had done nothing wrong. When they got rid of the first, I couldn't say anything."

is a delightful piece of satire


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