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To my friends with Xangas:
To create a RSS feed of your xanga, follow the instructions here. If you're a free user, I have enough syn points to create one. First come first served. If I get back low enough to do it again, I'll post it here.

To my own annoyance:
Housing Ops has locked the other bedrooms and put letters on the doors. I love living in a apartment that is slowly being turned into a dorm :-P.

To atroposmoirae:
I miss hearing from you, and I hope you are well.

I wonder now if I will burn out this quarter. I did winter quarter... or at least I think I did. Perhaps, like a forest fire, it allowed for new growth. But I doubt it.

faboo and plate_of_felt started Tae Kwon Do with me on Tuesday. Neat. Although they probably won't be ready for the special practice on Saturday, they'll at least drive me there and watch.

zsparke was incredibly awesome and had me and faboo and Casey over for dinner. The awesomnity is gigantic.

Thank you VERY MUCH for blocking images from things in my junk mail folder. Say what you (and I) will about the evil M$, the folks who run Hotmail seem to be getting more and more competent ahead of the curve.

To seraph_kesef:
Found you! Hi!

I'm done.

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