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Hurry hurry hurry

Well, not much happened today, because I didn't have any finals and because my room is already set up. I was trying to start packing up for home and I found that I lost the pack bag for my sleeping bag. GRRRR. So tomorrow I will call North Face for a replacement. Hopefully it won't be more expensive than the sleeping bag itself.

I must hurry, I have 5 minutes before midnight. Must post today. Must post today.

b55b55 and codepoet have been in here a lot lately. B because she likes eating ramen on my floor, and Ed because I'm trying to teach him how to rip DVDs. The floor is getting more and more vacant. So people are concentrating themselves in places they normally would not. John and Mike are gone, so people come in my, Arby's or Mark's room.

Tomorrow I have a final. A lot more ppl are leaving tomorrow too. I think I'll just spend tomorrow packing and ordering my replacement bag. Laundry too would be a good idea. Trying to kick the PODbots' collective ass. All good things to do tomorrow. Brittany's going through cat withdrawal, so she keeps fidgeting with my head.


stupid LJ is not working. I want my post in!! grrr grr grrr!!!

I also suck at the boardgame Survivor
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