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Hello faithful reader (if that many..). I've been having a lot of network troubles, lately, which is quite annoying. I've been trying to keep sane, but its not quite working. I just want to be able to use the internet without harrassment. Resnet has no idea why this is happening to me. Neither do I.
Today: more classes. Nothing really interesting.
I'm been feeling better, both phyisically and psychically. It was probably just a psychosomatic overreaction to a preexisting thingie. Whaterver.
Yesterday was confusing, but not in anyway that I'm going to discuss publically. Sorry guys, but this IS supposed to be for me. Anyways, those involved in confusing me would have my balls if I were to do so.
Anyways, now this journal will be out of date because I'm actually offline as I write this into an online client. I'll get it put up eventually. Talk to you soon.

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